Saturday, April 2, 2011

Going on and working

Hello, who ever is looking at this blog.
Yup, we have to go on. But I really miss my Ute so much.
It's just not cool!

I have been sitting on my PC for ever and gave birth to some new Videos.

Would you like to take a time out and look at them?
Here are the links:

Down Syndrome young adults - this is for David:

This ist MOST powerful, I think:

This one is sweet, the seller definitely HIGHLY recommended: 
I always buy gifts from him for people whom I really don't know what to give.
And my gifts are always a hit

Then there is BaySideBetty - oh my, what a sweet Lady and exceptional online Seller: - Non Je ne Regrette Rien

Last but not least (there are more) - we have lovely 'Purple Iris':

All my Videos have beautiful Music... you will see !! ... rather HEAR  :)