Sunday, February 13, 2011

I need prayers and a LOT, please

I never asked this before but now I need a ton of prayers for my cousin: Ute.
She is in Germany and the closest to my ♥ right after my son.
She was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2010 and I was the first to learn
about it when I was home last year, May/June.
I was soooo convinced she's going to beat it, she's such a strong person, a fighter,
I always admired her - we grew up together; we are same age.
Alas, she's going downhill rapidly. I call her at least once a week and we had
a lot of fun... but not anymore.
Today, Sunday I spoke with her again - she's in University Clinics in Heidelberg,
and meanwhile on a respirator.
Her cancer had spread to her spine (she then couldn't walk anymore) and liver ...
now she already has a hard time to breathe.
That's going too FAST... I'm planning on going to Germany in March, just to see her.
I'm devasted! She is my HOME!

Thank you all for your support (maybe I should have asked earlier)

PS - I had ordered a flower delivery to her house for tomorrow ...
well, that's not going to happen

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful gift ideas... not only Video Service

 I Love you too - only $25.00

Stainless Steel and Swarovski $14.50

Stainless Steel Swarovski Eternity $32.00

Pure Swarovski and only $29.00

Precious Tungsten Carbide on Rubber $31.50


Keepsake DVD Video Service Custom Gifts for Family Friends

Individual Custom Video Keepsake DVD
For Your Family and Friends

Here’s an interesting angle - an idea for you:

Keepsake DVD
I now can take the digital pictures that you have assembled and themed
(i.e. Birthday, Wedding, Vacation, Anniversary etc.)
and produce a slick Keepsake DVD/movie complete
with custom titles and background music.

A Keepsake DVD would be $49.00 including S&H,
shipped right to your door.
If you wish I also can publish it on YouTube so that you easily can
send it around and show off to your family and friends.

I’d send you a PayPal invoice - it can’t get easier than that.

Now you finally have a great way to save,
show and gift those digital pictures
on your camera, cell phone, computer or any other
photo recording devices you have

Using pictures from your booth, editing and cropping them
Including any text you want, creating signs for you to be featured.

I'd like to tell a little Story about you - just let me know!
It got to be short though, short enough that people
can read it during the Video.
Note: I can only get out of your pictures what YOU put in.
But usually I can do small miracles