Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ladies, here's some Fashion advice

Having been in the Fashion Business for more than 20 years in Europe,
I might have some useful advice for you gals and ladies.

Here is my No 1)

I am always watching the length of pants, jeans, slacks of people.
Mostly they are too short.
Long legs are cool, right?
So, why then making them looking shorter than they are?
Show what you have! Show off! And use a little trick.

Pants of all sorts GOT to be long enough to at least reach down to 1/2 of your heal.
Better an entire inch too long than just 1/4 of an inch too short.
Shoes should be worn in the color of the pants. At least close! The same is true for socks. 
ONE color all the way down and your trousers, pants, jeans never may be too short.
It makes your legs look longer.
Makes sense?

Comments are welcome ;)
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